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Akanle F. Foluso

Determinants of Violence Against Women and Girls Within the Communities in Nigeria


Aisling Gartland

An Exploratory Study of Vertical Gender Segregation and the Irish Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Sector


Lauren Tsao-Wu

Age-dependent Birth Outcomes for Mothers at The Shiphrah Birthing Home in Rizal, Philippines


Madhu Sharan

Promoting Gender Equality and Inclusive Growth Through Financial Inclusion


Nanki Singh

Women and Access to Family Planning: Women’s Right to Decide A Distant Reality in India


Kiconco Milliam

Physical Violence Against Women in Uganda: The Experience of 30 Female Prisoners Convicted of Murder


Sanah Mehnaz

Comprehending and Critiquing the Concept of ‘Honour’ in Contemporary Muslim Communities


Sayaka Oki

Seeing the Body in Karen Duve’s This Is Not a Love Song


Sneha Sharma

What Works for Adolescents’ Empowerment: Findings from a Learning Review in India


Srishty Anand

Reflection on Reasons for Declining Women’s Labour Participation Rates: Continuum of Paid and Unpaid Work for Women in India


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