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Ajantha  and Manavi Perera

Innovation and Creativity Strengthened through Academic Industry Council Collaborations (AICC)


Clive Hickson

Looking to the Future: The Case for Intentional Succession Planning


Kumudinie Iddamalgoda

How Does the Marketing Communication Affect to Develop the Popular Culture?


Jana Bandyopadhyay

Women Empowerment in Kauṭilya’s Arthaśāstra and Kālidāsa’s Abhijñānaśākuntalam: A Comparative Study


Mei Chen and Hui Lee

College Sports Club Participation, Companionship, and Regular Exercise Behavior: A Self-Determination Theory Perspectives


Mutiah Amini

The Problem of the Education for Women in Indonesia at 1950’s: An Opportunity and a Chance


Rauan Sabitov

Topical Issues of Increasing the Share of Domestic Television Content in the Context of Ensuring Information Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Sujith Karunadasa


Dehydration of Calcium Chloride as Examined by High-temperature X-ray Powder Diffraction


Sukanya Kuengklng and Somsong Sitti

Attitudes toward Science Learning and Problem-Solving Thinking Skill of Mattayomsuksa 4/4 Students at Phadungnaree School


Y. Vinodhini and Ravi Krishna Boga

Impact of Personality (Self Concept) on Buyer Behavior of Select Cars in Hyderabad: A Study


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