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Azer Sumbas

Basic Human Needs of Transgender Inmates in Segregation: An Analysis of the Eight Amendment of the U.S.A.


Érika L. B. Calazans

The State Responsibility for International Humanitarian Law Violations and Human Rights Abuses Committed by Private Military and Security Companies


Lilian F. Moreira

The Representation of Women in Television Series


Marie C. E. Ceñidoza

Crime on a Keyboard: A Look into Online Libel in the Philippines


Michael J. Dema

Uncharted Waters: How Tampa Bay’s Nutrient Management Experience Adds Clarity to Coastal Zone Management


Michael Kyobe

Towards a Framework for Analysing Impediments to Cyber law Compliance in Africa


Nqobizwe Mvelo

Ukungena Unions: An Urgent Need for Law Reform


Pallavi Goyal and Parminder K. Sahota


Enforcement of the Right to Environment Protection through Public Interest Litigation


Stephanie Tam

Perspectives in Human Rights law and Peaceful Protest


Tuinese E. Amuzu and Enam K. A.Yankah

The Political Economy of Court Decision-making and International Commercial Arbitration in the Developing World


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